Credit card acceptance designed for entrepreneurs who mean business.

"Over the years, my small, home-based business has grown to a multi-million dollar company. All along I've had the amazing privilege to work with DIRECTPAY. I've had some nightmare providers in the past, so I do not take this relationship lightly. Now we've made the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the US! What makes it go smoothly is the engine behind us: DIRECTPAY."

Lisa Sasevich

The Invisible Close

"Signing up to accept payments with DIRECTPAY was one of the first things I did when I started my business and it was a smart decision.The service has been amazing; they've been with me every step of the way as I've grown from noting to now having a multi-million dollar coaching company. I couldn't have done it without them!"



Kendall SummerHawk

Award-Winning Coach,

DIRECTPAY's merchant account is the only tool you'll ever need for a payment solution. I use it to accept credit card payments from my website and at live events, automate recurring membership dues  and send invoices - just to name a few. I can't imagine my business without them. I can't remember how my business operated before and I recommend them to all clients and members who want to do business on the web."

Milana Leshinsky

Founder & CEO, ACCPOW

"I'd never have been able to get my business to the level it's at now - multiple 6 figures - had I not worked with DIRECTPAY. They've been with me every step of the way to help me automate my billing and credit card payments. I tell my clients to make decisions based on where they want to be; not where they are now. If you want to get your business to that next level of success, you must work with DIRECTPAY. They're the best out there! Not only do their systems work and the support is amazing - they're really nice, fun people and I can't imagine having a business without them."

Robert Notter

Marketing Coach

"I started my speaker training business over 15 years ago and the smartest decision I ever made was to go with DIRECTPAY as my merchant account. Over the years, I have processed over a million dollars from live events, products and coaching and have never had a problem getting my money. Working with DIRECTPAY has been seamless. Many competitors have asked for my business but they just can't deliver what DIRECTPAY can. If you are a speaker, a coach or author, DIRECTPAY is your best option!"

Arvee Robinson

The Million Dollar Speaker Coach

"If you are a coach or professional and are serious about your business, you need the ability to accept credit cards. DIRECTPAY is hands-down the best provider of merchant accounts. The fees are minimal and the peace of mind and professionalism that comes with handling billing this way far exceeds the cost! I love my work - but I do not love accounting and data entry. Their system has eliminated that! DIRECTPAY provides unsurpassed customer service and support. One of the best investments any entrepreneur can make in their business!"

Michelle Schubnel

Coach & Grow R.I.C.H.