How does it work?

To generate the Simple Checkout buttons, you must first enter an item description and price into your merchant interface. HTML code is then generated by the system which you can copy and paste into your website.

When customers click your Simple Checkout button, they are taken to a secure, hosted payment form to enter payment information. Because sensitive card data is collected using our secure servers, Simple Checkout is a PCI compliant, safe way to accept payments online.

What information can you add?

DirectPay Bullet Item ID and description: This will be displayed on your website order page, as well as the payment form and receipt
DirectPay Bullet Suggested donation amounts: If you're a nonprofit, specify typical donation options for customers to choose from
DirectPay Bullet Shipping methods: If you're delivering tangible products, you can configure up to 10 different shipping methods, including Ground, Overnight, Two-Day, etc. and specify price for each option
DirectPay Bullet Maximum per order: Set a maximum quantity of each item per order that a customer may purchase
DirectPay Bullet Verified Merchant Seal: Display an industry-trusted merchant seal on your website so your customers know their transaction is secure

What is the difference between Simple Checkout and a cart?

Simple checkout is a free option that comes with your DirectPay merchant account. It is a feature that is designed for quick, easy use -- not advanced sales and marketing. With Simple Checkout, you are limited in the number of products you can create and customers cannot select more that one different item for purchase at a time.

With an online shopping cart, depending on your provider, you can create unlimited products and services that customers can add to their cart at a time. Most come with advanced marketing tools, including email campaign delivery, autoresponders, and form fields to capture contacts on your website.

To learn more about DirectPay shopping cart options, click here.


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