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Your clients and colleagues will love the products and services you love – and will receive the same attention and support you do. We’ll make it easy for you to let them know about accepting credit cards with DirectPay by providing ready-to-go-marketing materials and a customized landing page just for your audience.

It’s a great way to begin a partnership with us and explore other opportunities to work together to provide the best technology and support to business owners.


How does it work?

Click the button below to access our registration and complete the form. You'll receive your unique affiliate link via email in seconds. This link can be used to recommend DirectPay payment processing to your contacts.

When they click the link, select their package and complete the application, you'll receive a check from us for $50!


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If you have any questions about our Payment Processing Affiliate Program, please contact your Relationship Manager at (800) 326-9897 or email support@directpayinc.com. You can also view our Affiliate Terms of Service here.

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