Your payments - plus peace of mind.

Simple, secure credit card acceptance for business owners.

You've closed the sale. Now it's time to get paid. Rest easy knowing your money gets to you hassle-free with the entrepreneur's trusted payment processor.

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    All the tools you need to automate transactions.

    Create a set-it-and-forget-it payment process that allows you to keep money coming in 24/7. Combining innovative automation tools with the highest security means seamless cashflow into you business.

    Automated Recurring Billing

    Set up payment plans, monthly fees, membership dues and more so you never have to chase clients down for money - and earn passive income on your products and programs.

    Advanced Fraud Detection

    Explore our industry-leading security features including Address Verification, Payment Cart Industry (PCI) Compliance and valuable filters and customization to combat all types of transaction fraud. 

    Simple Checkout

    Utilize this basic sales tool included with your merchant account so clients can buy your products right from your website or landing page.

    Mobile Pay & Terminals

    Make sales wherever your business takes you by swiping credit cards through your smartphone - a great option for storefronts, trade shows and more.

    Multi-Currency Pricing

    If you're expanding your business to international markets, set prices in different currencies to attract overseas clients.

    Shopping Cart/CRM Integration

    Payment processing with DIRECTPAY integrates with most shopping carts and CRMs, so your sales and marketing systems work together seamlessly.

     Credit Card Acceptance

    Choose from two plans or contact us to discuss what's right for your business.

    • No sign-up fee

      With our 98% approval rating, we can have you up and running in 2-3 business days.

    • No cancellation fees

      You are not required to commit to a contract or long-term agreement. Cancel any time at no charge.

    Flat Rate

    Best For Business Processing $1,000 or Less

    Per Transaction Fee: $0.35

    Authorization Fee: $0.05

    Monthly Fee: $45

    Annual Fee: $90


    per transaction


    Best For Business Processing $1,000 or More

    Per Transaction Fee: $0.30

    Authorization Fee: $0.05

    Monthly Minimum Fee : $25

    Monthly Fee: $40

    Annual Fee: $90


    per transaction

    Outside the United States?

    Opening a Canadian Merchant Account is easy! If you have questions or would like a member of our team to work you to complete the application, call us at (800) 326-9897 or go to our FAQs to find the information you need.