Powered by Planet Payment, this optional merchant account feature allows you to offer your international customers the ability to pay in their preferred currency. Attract more clients worldwide while receiving online reporting and funding in your own currency.

Go Global with Your Products

With our web-based Virtual Terminal, you can accept credit cards from your clients in any setting- online, over the phone, by mail or fax, or in person. This convenient system is available from any computer with an Internet connection and replaces expensive paper-based credit card machines.


However, if you make sales in person at your office or at a conference or seminar where you do not have access to the Internet, you can purchase a manual imprinter or terminal to process the payment.


Multi-Currency Rates

  • $10 Gateway Fee

    Appears as "Gateway Billing" on your monthly statement. Charged on the 1st.

  • $6 Statement Fee

    Includes online statements and email notifications.

Visa & MasterCard Processing Rates

  • 2.20% Per Transaction

    Monthly minimum for processing fees is $10.00

  • $0.25 Per Transaction

American Express Processing Rates

  • TBD Per Transaction

  • TBD Per Transaction

Discover Processing Rates

  • 2.97% Per Transaction

  • $0.20 Per Transaction

Electronic Check Processing Rates (optional)

  • 1.9% Per Transaction

    Monthly minimum for processing is $10.00.

  • $0.35 Per Transaction

    Rates determined by our partner, Planet Payment, based on merchant type, credit score and processing volume.


To add Multi-Currency Pricing to your merchant account, please request the Amendment for Multi-Currency Program Form by sending a message to support@directpayinc.com.


Upon completion, print and fax the form to your Relationship Manager at 631-823-7253.

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