From Founders Suzi Pomerantz and William Bergquist:

Suzi Pomerantz & William Bergquist

The LPC is an Internet-based free center that provides access to a carefully selected set of resources associated with the field and discipline of professional coaching. 

Our library will serve as the ultimate free Internet-based source of information about professional coaching. It’s an easily searchable database of trusted, high-caliber, peer-reviewed content. 

  • Enjoy the collection any time - free of cost

  • Submit your articles or dissertation and share with thousands of professional coaches

  • Add comments to existing articles and receive support

  • Advertise as a sponsor

We continue to build the collection with the intention of providing value and service to the entire coaching community: students, new coaches, faculty, practitioners, internal and external organizational coaches and leaders, authors, personal coaches, researchers, and academicians. 

If you have materials to contribute or would like to see different or additional categories, let us know!


We are constantly seeking to improve this offering to best serve the professional coaching world.

We are honored to announce that in an independent survey the LPC was named one of the Top 5 Coaching Sites for Research and Resources worldwide by the 9th annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey of leaders and coaches. The survey is considered the most reliable and method-sound survey in the coaching industry, providing data about trends and issues in executive coaching, and has tracked over 90 websites for several years that offer material for executive coaches. 

The LPC founders identified a common need for a curated collection of resources that will support our shared passion for stewardship of the profession and enable us and our colleagues to discover, learn, explore, and further the profession of coaching with high standards for excellence. We were aware of a majority of information that was previously inaccessible, either hidden behind private firewalls or otherwise not on the internet. 

In such an abundance-oriented profession, to see the documentation and research in such scarcity struck us as a profound contradiction. The library is our attempt to bring it all together and make it available to you. Visited by over 200 countries, the Library is a truly global offering, and has the capacity for articles written in languages other than English. For example, we have 5 articles in Chinese and we welcome submissions in any language. 

The operating costs of the Library are wholly funded by the generous contributions and continued support of our sponsors. Please consider leveraging the high visibility of our powerful search engine optimization to showcase your book, company, program, or services as a sponsor.


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