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There’s a lot of information out there on how you can get bigger, better results in your business – but how do you translate "what works in general" to what can work FOR YOU?  It would be more effective to have business development advice customized just for you, right?

Our Relationship Managers are trained on a wide variety of business types and have 10+ years of experience in helping entrepreneurs set up processes and systems that will attract more clients and close more sales.
Now we're offering you a free strategy session with one of our experts -- free of charge!
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You'll receive:
  • A one-on-one phone meeting where you will discuss your business, your goals, where you’ve been and where you’re headed
  • Suggestions for action you can take right now to get where you want to be
  • Recommended resources and systems you can use to get there faster and easier
  • A connection with someone who has assisted thousands of companies in going from start-up to 7 figures -- in some instances in less than 5 years!

Payment Processing with DirectPay

Base plan credit card processing

Best for new businesses or businesses processing $1,000 or less monthly

 Base Processing Plan  Sign-up

- Accept credit cards in-person, over the phone and online

- Make simple sales via your website

- Automate recurring client payments

- Process securely with advanced AVS (Address Verification System)

- Save money with a flat processing rate and no monthly minimum

Discount Rate:       3.18%

Per Transaction Fee:       $.32

Monthly Fee:           $28

Monthly Minimum:           $0

Statement Fee:       $0

Annual Fee:                     $25



Peak Plan Credit Card Processing

Best for established businesses or businesses processing $1,000 or more monthly

 Peak Processing Plan  Sign-Up

- Accept credit cards in-person, over the phone and online

- Make simple sales via your website

- Automate recurring client payments

- Process securely with advanced AVS (Address Verification System)

- Take advantage of our two-tier program with discounted processing rates and low monthly fee

Discount Rate:       2.33%

Per Transaction Fee:       $.27

Monthly Fee:           $24

Monthly Minimum:           $25

Statement Fee:       $0

Annual Fee:                     $75

Program Guide Terms and Conditions


Credit Cards Falling

Additional Features include:

Outside the United States?

Opening a Canadian Merchant Account is easy. If you have questions or would like a member of our team to work with you to complete your application, call us at 1-800-326-9897 or go to our FAQs to find the information you need!

Canadian Merchant Account

Accepting Credit Cards In-Person?

If you will be taking payments in person without the use of a computer (at a live event, retail location, etc.) take a look at our Printers & Terminals, available to purchase or rent. You can also view our Mobile Payment packages to securely swipe credit cards through your smartphone.

Printers & Terminals


DirectPay Online Shopping Carts

Automate Your Online Sales & Marketing

We've designed our Shopping Cart packages to fit your business as it grows. Get started with the features you need right now -- and upgrade or cancel at anytime at no charge. For a more comprehensive look at each package, please click here.

With the Autoresponder Cart, you can:


Build your mailing list: Create an opt-in box to collect names & email addresses on your website


Market to your audience: Deliver automated email campaigns and newsletters

With the Starter Cart, you can:


Sell unlimited products & services online: Integrate the cart with your merchant account to take orders and automate payments


Set additional payment options: Add shipping fees, sales tax and special discount codes


Create cross and upsell opportunities: Recommend products based on a customer's order history, your current promotions, time of year, etc.

With the Basic Cart, you can:


Combine the marketing features of the Autoresponder Cart with the Sales features of the Starter Cart

With the Professional Cart, you can:


Utilize all the features of the Basic Cart


Deliver electronic products: Create and send eBooks, audio and video files and interactive programs


Manage a robust affiliate program: Build an online sales force of partners and pay them commissions on all referrals


Not sure which features you need? Take advantage of our 30 Day Trial:

Test drive all the features of the Professional Cart Package for a full month at no cost. After your 30 days are up, you can continue on with your Professional Cart at $129 per month or contact us to cancel.


Choose Your Package

If you need assistance choosing the right cart package for you, contact a Relationship Manager Monday-Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm EST at 800-326 or email We are happy to support you in selecting and customizing your online shopping cart.

Monthly Pricing Table

Monthly Autoresponder

Monthly Starter

Monthly Basic

Monthly Professional

Annual Pricing Table

Annual Autoresponder  

Annual Starter  

Annual Basic 

Annual Professional  

About DirectPay
DirectPay group

We never charge for support.

Give us a call during business hours and talk to your personal Relationship Manager -- an eCommerce expert who knows your account from set-up to current status. Off-hours, utilize our Learning Library and Knowledge base, filled with FAQs, How-To's and business development tips and tricks.

There's a reason we're known for our excellent customer service: your success is our success so we stick with you every step of the way!

We have a 98% approval rating.

We work business owners to combat the common issues that keep you from setting up a merchant account, including high risk business types and low credit scores. The important thing is you’re ready to start processing!

We know the industry.

Formerly known as Practice Pay Solutions, we’ve worked with thousands of business owners – including 7 figure+ coaches, speakers and other service professionals – to find the best sales and marketing systems to attract the most clients and keep a constant stream of money flowing into your business.

We serve and partner with many organizations as the trusted, go-to resource for payment processing, including the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the National Speakers Association (NSA).

You can trust us.

Seamless transactions mean your money stays your money. We set you up with your own merchant account so you receive your payments in 2-3 business days -- with no danger of the dreaded "account freeze" other processors are famous for.

We don't hide behind recordings, jargon or "policy." We want to get to know the "you" behind your business -- especially where you want to go and what's helping and hindering you from getting there. It's all about people and systems you can depend on to reach the summit and start your next big adventure.

Contact Us

If you have questions about DirectPay products and services or if you would like assistance filling out your application, please contact a Relationship Manager at 800-326-9897, Monday-Friday - 9:00am - 6:00pm EST. To contact us via email, send to



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