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A business isn’t a corporate office or assembly line; it's entrepreneurs like you, your teams and your partners who depend on profit and sustainability for the well-being of yourself and your families.

For Texas, Louisiana, Florida and those in the wake of Hurricane Jose, these businesses who have lost so much will be pivotal in rebuilding the community. 


Need Assistance with Your Business?

Whether you are in the path of the storms or are just wondering how to handle the impact of them on your day-to-day, we are here for you.

Contact us if you need support with:

  • Terminals, swipes or other technology damaged or lost
  • Finding a virtual assistant who can assist with administrative work so you can focus elsewhere
  • Information for nonprofits that may need temporary support taking credit/debit card donations
  • How the hurricanes will impact your business - and how to prepare (see our downloadable checklist here for Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses)
  • Anything else to help you through this trying time

We can be reached Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST at (800) 326-9897 or via email to You can also Live Chat with a Client Relations Representative.

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