Identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions with our advanced system.  You can customize its rules-based filters and tools to your business to to avoid loss and protect profits.

Why Should You Use Advanced Fraud Features?

  • All Merchants Are Potential Targets

    Regardless of company size, transaction volume, or level of internet expertise, all web merchants are susceptible to online transaction fraud.


    Hackers and other fraud perpetrators are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Manipulating internet protocols to discover exploitable weaknesses, they are actively performing fraudulent transactions daily—and it can adversely affect your business.

  • Standard Verfication Tools Are Not Enough

    You receive a limited level of protection when you apply standard tools, such as the Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Code Verification. Criminals are no longer necessarily deterred by these tools, as they have learned how to interpret the responses and gain access to your funds.


    Web merchants need more advanced solutions designed to screen transactions and fight fraud, such as the DIRECTPAY Fraud Detection Suite.

How Does Online Fraud Most Commonly Occur?

  • Verification Fraud

    Criminals can obtain or generate legitimate, functional credit card numbers. They determine whether the numbers are valid by submitting orders at a merchant’s online store.


    This may cause no financial loss for credit cardholders, but will more than likely have costly repercussion for merchants as the payment processing fees for these fraudulent orders add up.

  • Settlement Fraud

    Criminals can purchase large quantities of products online and have them shipped to a location other than the billing address of the cardholder. Their motive is to steal as much as they can as quickly as possible, before the fraud is detected.


    By the time the chargebacks come rolling in, the web merchant is left with no payment, negative feedback, and no way to recover the products they shipped.

What Filters Are Available?

In addition to the standard tools (AVS and Card Code Verification), merchants can now implement advanced fraud protection. With our services, you have more control over the transactions you accept, no costly authorization or chargeback fees, and no loss of inventory.

  • Amount Filter

    Allows you to set a minimum and maximum amount for your transactions. Choose the lowest sale amount you would expect from your store and the highest (an ideal upper limit is $1000).


    If a customer attempts an order outside of the parameters set by you, you can contact them directly for verification or decline the order.

  • Shipping/Billing Mismatch Filter

    Allows you to automatically compare the shipping and billing addresses provided by the customer. If the two addresses do not match, the transaction will be flagged pending your review and approval.

  • Velocity Filter

    Allows you to specify a threshold for the number of transactions that can occur per hour.


    Monitoring or reviewing your processing trends over several weeks can help you determine an appropriate limit (usually around 50 transactions per hour).

  • Transaction IP Velocity Filter

    Allows you to limit the amount of transactions processed through one Internet Protocol (IP) address per hour (recommended- five transactions per hour.) If the threshold is exceeded, all additional transactions from that IP address will be flagged for your attention.

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