Past Events

Launch Yourself As A Speaker

It’s no secret that speaking is one of the fastest – and best – ways to grow a business.  You see all the 7-figure coaches reaping the benefits of speaking.  And, you want to play too, but you’re not sure how to get the ball rolling! This session is packed with tips to launch you as a high impact speaker.  Denise and Tom give you the foundational tools you need to create a proven speaking system that’s guaranteed to bring new clients in the door … and keep bringing them in.

In this free webinar, you get two instructors and coaches with over 40 years of experience in speaking and marketing:

Denise Hedges is a business development coach and speaking coach who specializes in training and coaching business owners to market themselves more effectively using the strategy of speaking.  Denise works with coaches, consultants and other business owners to help them move past any doubt about sales and marketing, so they can attract more clients and make more money!

Tom Waldenfels is a Presentation Skills specialist who helps people present themselves and their ideas in the most compelling and impactful way possible.  He’s taught presentation skills to everyone from college students and small business owners to high-level corporate executives.

Date recorded: August 23, 2016

How to Build Your Business by Speaking: The Inside Scoop! with Denise Hedges

Speaking is one of the best and fastest ways to grow a coaching practice. And, if you're not out there speaking to your target audience, frankly, you're missing the boat! 

But how do you get started?

Date: August 07, 2014
Time: 3:00pm eastern
Robert Skrob

5 Authentic Methods to Joint Venture with Associations to Create a Steady Stream of New Customers with Robert Skrob

Direct Pay arranged for a special webinar to reveal a fun-to-use and effective marketing process that’s currently used by thousands of companies to generate millions of dollars in new business. However, this has never been formally taught and is rarely ever discussed. Direct Pay client since 2005, Robert Skrob, is an expert, and he will give you access to his proprietary, step-by-step system.

Date recorded: June 19, 2014
Nancy Snell

The 5 P's: Five Simple Steps to Manage the Tsunami and Stay on Top of Your Game with Nancy Snell

Hear about the tools that have moved hundreds of Nancy's clients from procrastination, frustration, and distraction to purposeful action, clarity, and manageable solutions.

Date recorded: June 10, 2014
Nicola Bird

The Five Simple Steps To Creating Online Products and Programs with Nicola Bird

Nicola created JigsawBox as a way for her clients to access her expertise in a flexible and affordable way, whilst leaving her free to concentrate on growing her business and spending time with her three young children.

Now she helps other coaches to do the same. 60% ideas, 20% mentor, 12% tech-geek, 8% Sauvignon Blanc. 

Date recorded: May 27, 2014
Jeanna Gabellini

No-Fail Six Step Profit Formula with Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems, and fun.

Date recorded: April 22, 2014
Suzanne Evans

Conversations to Cash: The 15 Minute Formula that took a Secretary to Seven Figures with Suzanne Evans

If you have ever felt that marketing is inauthentic and found sales to be scary, then join me for a step-by-step action plan to take your passion and make big profits all based on just being YOU!

Date recorded: April 08, 2014

Step Into Your Value. Step Up Your Profit with Ivy Slater

Understand the results & benefits you offer your clients, create a step system of increasing your price points, and pricing packages versus services and overcome the obstacles and hidden fears that hold you back

Date recorded: March 25, 2014
Stacey Mayo

Become a Successful Sage Businesswoman While Doing What You Love with Stacey Mayo

Learn what is takes to break through your financial glass ceiling and earn a solid six figures with ease, authenticity and grace and the importance of self mastery in having your business and life flow seamlessly.

Date recorded: March 18, 2014
Nancy Juetten

3 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make With Joint Ventures That Keep Them Stuck at the Starting Gate with Nancy Juetten

Nancy shares — direct from the trenches — how she rose to become a “Rock Star” joint venture partner, despite starting out with a small list, taking an old-school approach, and leading with her heart of gold. 

Date recorded: March 11, 2014
Stefanie Hostetter

Using YouTube as a Business Management Tool with Stefanie Hostetter

As Business owners, we're bombarded with messages telling us that we "have to use Facebook," or we "must get on YouTube."

Date recorded: February 11, 2014
Allison Babb Phillips

Four Sure-fire Ways to Quickly Get New Clients With Allison Babb Phillips

A sure-fire way to completely eliminate the fear, awkwardness, and discomfort around selling (you may just begin to love selling after this webinar!)

Date recorded: October 08, 2013
Carrie Greene

Chaos to Cash Injection with Carrie Greene

Learn what 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs do so you can get your act together and use your time and energy to maximize your results and profits.

Date recorded: September 24, 2013
David Newman

Instant Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profit, and Crush the Competition with David Newman

David Newman specializes in thought-leadership marketing (aka Marketing for Smart People) via seminars, consulting, and coaching programs to help you unlock the floodgates to bigger opportunities, juicier profits, and faster growth for YOU, your business, and your team.

Date recorded: September 10, 2013
Samantha Hartley

How to Create Jaw-Dropping Client Getting Messages with Samantha Hartley

Does your answer to "What do you do?" cause eyes to glaze over? Or do prospects reach for your card in seconds? Please join Samantha Hartley of Enlightened Marketing as she shares with us her tested and proven formulas for creating a Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro! Believe it or not, this makes a HUGE difference in your ability to attract clients.

Date recorded: August 27, 2013
Bill Baren

Big Fish In a Small Pond: How To Consistently Attract All The Clients You Want In Your Local Area (and Have a Business Full Of Fun and Connection) with Bill Baren

Bill will share with you what he did to create the kind of business that helped him feel a lot more connected with other people AND earning $10,000 per month. He will specifically address what you can do to banish feeling isolated while growing your business. 

Date recorded: August 13, 2013

3 Secrets to 6-Figure Telesummits with Sage Lavine

Have you considered hosting a telesummit and, more importantly, have you considered the QUANTUM LEAP you can make in your business by hosting a telesummit? Join Sage Lavine to learn how she’s grown her international company to more than 12,000 women entrepreneurs from 255 countries and built a multi-6 figure company with her Women on Purpose Telesummit.

Date recorded: May 28, 2013
Suzanne Evans

Stop Selling and Start Sharing: Learn How Your Marketing Can Be Authentic, Be Effective, and Change the World! with Suzanne Evans

Discover how Suzanne went from 0 to a million dollars a year in coaching by being herself and taking the leap to making a living by making a difference. If you have ever felt that marketing was inauthentic and found sales to be scary, then join her for a step-by-step action plan to take your passion and make big profits all based on just being YOU.

Date recorded: May 14, 2013
Eva Gregory

Solid Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Create a 6-Figure Business of Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity with Eva Gregory

Eva Gregory is a master coach, Law of Attraction expert, and author of several books and programs including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity. As host of her own radio show, she has interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders today. In 2006, she was named International Coach of The Year.

Date recorded: April 23, 2013
Robert Middleton

How to Win More of Your Ideal Clients with Robert Middleton

Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing, will share some of his most potent marketing secrets for self-employed professionals. These ideas are based on his personal marketing successes and those of his clients in attracting more of their ideal clients.

Date recorded: April 09, 2013
Michelle Schubnel

Group Coaching: The Best Way To Grow Your Business, Skyrocket Your Income, and Serve a Lot More Clients with Michelle Schubnel

Make a bigger impact and income by coaching groups! Join Group Coaching Expert Michelle Schubnel from for this content-rich webinar.

Date recorded: March 26, 2013
Amy Applebaum

The 7 "Must Do's" of Success with Amy Applebaum

Author, consultant, speaker, and success coach AMY APPLEBAUM has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world break through barriers inhibiting their success and happiness.

Date recorded: March 12, 2013
Karyn Greenstreet

Success Secrets for Email Marketing Campaigns with Karyn Greenstreet

Email marketing can be one of the strongest and most powerful strategies you can use to produce results, increase revenue, and build customer loyalty. But what makes an email marketing campaign successful?

Date recorded: February 12, 2013
Craig Jennings

Exceeding Limitations: How to Jumpstart the Growth of Your Business with Craig Jennings

Craig Jennings is an entrepreneurial junkie. He graduated from Harvard and did graduate work at Columbia. Craig coaches about 25 entrepreneurs every month; all of them are dealing with the new economic situation, and most of them are doing extremely well!

Date recorded: January 26, 2013
David Irvine

Building an Accountable Organization in an Age of Entitlement with David Irvine, The Leader's Navigator

Accountability is at the core of every great organization and every great life. Accountability traditionally arouses fear, blame, confrontation, and intimidation, and for many is a hammer to punish people. David Irvine offers a fresh and powerful view of accountability that builds trust, respect, integrity, unleashes human potential, closes the gap between intention and performance, banishes blame and fear, and gets a grip on results that matter.

Date recorded: January 22, 2013
Kendall Summerhawk

Empowering Your Spiritual Money Agreement To Take Your Business into 6-Figures and Beyond with Kendall Summerhawk

If you're an entrepreneur then there's never been a better time than now to know exactly what a Spiritual Money Agreement is and how to use yours to stop unconsciously sabotaging your financial success and start generating 6 figures in your business.

Date recorded: January 08, 2013
Alexis Neely

Save HUGE on Your Taxes By Taking These 3 Actions in the Next Two Weeks (Or Pay A Lot More Taxes Than Necessary Next Year!) with Alexis Neely

What if we told you it didn't have to be that way?! Alexis Neely (the truth-telling lawyer) will give you 3 Eye-Opening Tax Actions to Take in the Next 30 Days That Will Save You Big Bucks (rather than lose the money to the government forever)!

Date: December 18, 2012
Time: 4:00pm eastern
Ginny Victory

8 Lies That Stand in the Way and the Truths That Will Set You Up for a Successful New Year with Ginny Victory

Feel the need to do everything yourself so you won’t delegate or trust others to get the job done? Get stuck making decisions, fear yours may not be the right, savvy, or smart ones? Fear exposure, judgment, and/or being seen as a fraud? Ginny Victory will help you!

Date recorded: November 13, 2012
Brandy Mychals

Confidence Unleashed - How to Crack Your Client Code with Brandy Mychals

Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t worry about starting over. You may be only three questions away from creating the alignment you need to attract an abundance of clients. Award-winning speaker Brandy Mychals shares the secrets behind her innovative Client Attraction techniques that resulted in over $300,000 in revenue in her first year of business – without ever having a single sales conversation!

Date recorded: November 07, 2012
Denise Hedges

How to Build Your Business By Speaking: The Inside Scoop with Denise Hedges

It’s no secret that speaking is one of the best – and fastest ways – to grow a business. And there are practical speaking tips and tools that will help you be more successful from speaking.

Denise Hedges has traveled the country over the last decade speaking to groups as small as six and to more than a thousand. She’s built her business this way... having earned over a half million dollars in coaching income directly from speaking. Don't miss this free webinar!

Date recorded: November 01, 2012
Lisa Murrell

Horses & Coaching with Lisa Murrell

Lisa Murrell is the master coach at Equine Alchemy. She began consulting in Paris and has spent the last 15 years working globally to help clients achieve transformational results in the areas of organization development and executive and team coaching.

Murrell’s transformational programs include both virtual and in-person Master’s quality, International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coaching certification programs; propelling coaching into its next evolution through course work and experiential learning resulting in the ultimate mind/body connection.

Date recorded: October 18, 2012
Steve Smith

Why Your Marketing is Not Working and What to Do About It with Steve Smith

As the founder of GrowthSource Coaching and a business strategist to his clients, Steve Smith has helped small business owners in a wide variety of markets develop a clear path to growth and prosperity. With over 25 years in diverse executive management, marketing, and sales roles in some of the nation’s most successful consumer products companies, Steve’s clients have received the kind of expertise and guidance usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

Date recorded: October 11, 2012
Liz Christoffersen

Dancing in the Rain: Attracting Opportunity and Creating Abundance in Any Kind of Weather with Liz Christoffersen

The more influence you have, the more referrals, opportunities, and clients will come to you easily. When people trust, respect, and remember you, they want to do business with you and tell others about you.

Date recorded: October 09, 2012
Karen Clark

Going Local Online – Mining for Gold in Your Own Backyard with Karen Clark

Using online tools to market yourself is important for any business, but if you want to focus on building a local network, increasing your appointments, or inviting people to local events, there are steps that need to be taken to optimize your presence for local search. In this session, you will learn how the Internet is making the world smaller and smaller every day and how you can maximize your online activities to find and connect with local customers and prospects.

Date recorded: October 02, 2012
Monica Shah

Become a Money Magnet: 4 Sure Fire Ways To Attract, Earn and Keep More with Monica Shah

On this call you will learn:

The secret to making smart money decisions about when to use debt to grow your business (and when NOT to). A simple strategy to keep you laser-focused so you can turn your business into a money-making machine (many of my clients swear this changed EVERYTHING for them). The one thing you MUST do every month to make your revenue keep going up. Why multi-6-figure business owners have asked me to show them these simple money strategies – and why using them NOW in your business will help you create 6-figure success.

Date recorded: September 18, 2012
Lisa Cherney

Stand Out and Be Juicy! Magnetize Your Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Lisa Cherney

 Learn how to find the perfect words and channel those juicy gems into your marketing. Your website, brochure, and even your networking introduction should inspire clients to say, “I need that!” If you are ready to attract tons of your ideal clients (the ones that love to give you money and respect your distinctive approach) join Lisa to learn how to stand out, be juicy, and create a business full of passion and profit!

Date recorded: August 09, 2012
Travis Greenlee

Outsourcing Secrets for the New Economy: 3 Simple Strategies to Automate, Simplify, and Rapidly Increase Your Profits with Travis Greenlee

If you want to rapidly grow your business without feeling stressed out, overworked, and overwhelmed, join us on this very special webinar training.

Date recorded: June 19, 2012
Jessica Eaves Mathews

7 Hidden Legal Disasters in Your Business with Jessica Eaves Mathews

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you know there are things you have to do to protect your business legally, but if you are like most of us, you have been avoiding that conversation either because it’s too scary or seems too complicated or expensive to tackle. You may not even know where to start – this webinar tells you how.

Date recorded: June 05, 2012
Liz Goodgold

Red Fire Profitability: 7 Secrets for Pricing and Managing Your Biz for Sizzling Success with Liz Goodgold

Liz Goodgold is known as a branding expert, author, coach, and “motivational speecher,” but few folks know her journey from abject poverty in the projects of New York City to success and then back again after the 2008 recession. For the first time, she shares not only her story, but the hard lessons learned that catapulted her business from a flamed out failure to a sizzling success.

Date recorded: May 22, 2012
Caterina Rando

Creating Influence: From Contacts to Contracts with Caterina Rando

The more influence you have, the more referrals, opportunities, and clients will come to you easily. When people trust, respect, and remember you, they want to do business with you and tell others about you.

Date recorded: May 16, 2012
Christine Kloser

How to Grow Your Business as a Published Author with Christine Kloser

Have you dreamed of writing a book or becoming a successful published author? Do you have a valuable message that – if put in print – will help grow your business and change more lives?  If you answered yes, but don’t have your book written yet, check out this webinar!

Date recorded: May 09, 2012
Nancy Juetten

Say Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio and Get Ready to Welcome Opportunity with Nancy Juetten

Did you know that 97% of businesses 1-3 years old struggle to describe what they do in a confident, inviting way that grabs attention? If you are ready to stop stumbling around, set aside that struggle, and nail your message so you can do more business with more of the right people, this webinar is for you.

Date recorded: April 23, 2012

From Soul-Crushing to Soul-Thriving Practices for the Solo-Preneur with Lois Barth

Do you find yourself feeling isolated as a solo-preneur, with only your pet rock, microwave, and 3,000 "friends" on Facebook to bounce ideas off of? Do you love the work you do, but am daunted or uninspired by the process of getting the work? Do you find yourself working from dusk till dawn and still not feeling like you've accomplished anything, or advancing your business?

Date recorded: April 17, 2012
Robert Notter

How to Create Profitable Referral Partnerships to Grow Your Reputation, Leverage Your Time and Income, and Find Clients Quickly with Robert Notter

On this one-time call you'll learn how to create connections with other practitioners and organizations so you'll have a steady stream of new, high paying clients, while actually having to market less!

Date recorded: April 16, 2012
Rebecca Morgan

Making Money in Your Jammies with Rebecca Morgan

You know you’re not maximizing your income opportunities by repackaging your intellectual capital. You know you are leaving money on the table by not having products to pre-sell, offer BOR, sell online, or promote as follow-up reinforcement. Learn how to make money providing excellent products and services from anywhere in the world – whether it's Brunei or your own bedroom – in your shorts or jammies, even while you sleep!

Date recorded: April 13, 2012

The Joy of Productivity - 3 Steps to Getting Things Done and Creating a Profitable Business with George Kao

George has built a highly successful business by himself – without any assistants or outsourcing – working less than 30 hours per week! Now he's going to teach us the productivity system that made this possible.

Date recorded: April 02, 2012
Robert Notter

Marketing Demystified with Robert Notter: 5 Understandable Steps to Generate More Income in Less Time Doing the Work You Love with Robert Notter

Discover the top ways you get in your own way – often sabotaging yourself from finding more clients! Robert teaches you strategies to earn more money that you can implement no matter where you are in your business right now, including 3 key Communication Success Principles that you must always use to sign potential clients. View this teleclass today to find out how to quickly grow your list in less time so that your marketing works for you instead of you working at it!

Date recorded: October 18, 2011
Suzanne Evans

The Fastest Path to Cash with Suzanne Evans: 3 "Behind the Scenes" Secrets That Took Suzanne From Day Job to 7 Figures

Suzanne reveals 3 amazing secrets that have helped many of her clients turn their business around. You will discover how to create huge inflows of cash with half the work! Find out the simple process that is guaranteed to boost your profits – even if you struggle with sales and marketing!

Date recorded: October 04, 2011
Christine Gallagher

What it REALLY Takes to Be a Social Media Success -- Revealed! with Christine Gallagher

Would you like a STEP-BY-STEP system for using social media and online marketing to transform your business into a successful and sustainable online profit-producer, while gaining MORE time and freedom in your life? How would you like that in a real world, real people proven system for consistently bringing in new clients and customers using the Internet?

Date recorded: July 27, 2011
Kendall Summerhawk

How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It with Kendall Summerhawk

Why settle for less when you KNOW you're worth more? Kendall will show you how to quickly and easily charge 20, 30, 40+ percent more than you do right now (plus reveal the simple secrets to raising your fees that NO ONE else is telling you) so you can confidently charge what you're worth and get it!

Date recorded: July 05, 2011
Kim Sawyer

The Alchemy of Success with Kim Sawyer

Kim explores the cyclical spiral of evolution and development and demonstrate the value, meaning, and practical application of the F. A. I. L. system. Discover how to turn failure into success!

Date recorded: May 11, 2011
Nancy Juetten

Rock Star Status Reality Check with Nancy Juetten

Are you ready to take your place in the spotlight? During this webinar, DIY Publicity Expert and Bye-Bye Boring Bio author Nancy Juetten will show you how to take advantage of powerful opportunities to shine in your own light as the highly compensated expert you are with ease, grace, and impact.

Date recorded: April 29, 2011
Louise Crooks

Stepping into the Spotlight to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Louise Crooks

Listen in to this teleclass with The Keys to Clarity! Coach Louise Crooks to discover how to create visibility for your business and attract more ideal clients. Learn the critical mistakes business owners make and choose the right strategies to reach and market to your audience in easy and effective ways.

Date recorded: March 29, 2011
Robert Murray

Developing Content with Robert Murray

President of StyleMatters Writing Services Robert Murray shares the best practices and methods for creating and managing written content across today's wide range of media, including social networking sites, traditional books, newsletters and more.

Date recorded: March 15, 2011

9 Steps to Work Less and Do More with Stever Robbins

This webinar based on Get-it-Done Guy Stever Robbins' book will show you the nine simple steps to clear up and align your life so that everything you do actively engages you in moving toward the life you want. Find out what productivity really is and how we can achieve it to get the results we want in our work and personal lives.

Date recorded: March 04, 2011
Bill Baren

Secrets of Enrollment with Bill Baren

What would your business be like if you could convert 80% of your prospects into loyal clients? Would you be able to maximize your earning potential if more of your prospects were saying "YES" to working with you? It can be frustrating to feel like you are putting a lot of energy into marketing your business and arranging conversations with prospects – and not landing those clients. Listen in as Top Business Coach and Enrollment Master Bill Baren opens your eyes to new strategies and tactics to have prospects jumping at the chance to say "YES" to your services.

Date recorded: September 16, 2010
Sharii Brown

Understanding Your Monthly Statements with Sharii Brown.

It can be difficult to decipher the language and fees on your monthly merchant account statements – especially when you've got a business to run! Client Relations Specialist, Sharii Brown breaks it all down for you to ensure you know what you're paying for and what additional tools are available to you.

Date recorded: August 24, 2010
Marilyn Schwader

Writing Your Own eBook for Fun & Profit with Marilyn Schwader

Why should you get on the bandwagon and deliver your writing to the world via an electronic book? eBooks are simply one of the best online business tools – created quickly and easily and sold for almost 100% profit! View this webinar with writing coach and author Marilyn Schwader to learn how writing, publishing, and profiting from your own eBooks can change your business.

Date recorded: June 10, 2010
Jennifer Davey

Pricing Your Products and Services to Sell with Jennifer Davey

Price is not just about how much you charge, but also how you charge. Will you offer a payment plan, breaking up the billing over time? Will you bundle services or products with other items? Will clients be able to pay after the fact? Or will they need to pay before? All of these elements and more factor into how you price your offerings.

Date recorded: April 08, 2010
Milana Leshinsky

Passive Income Empire with Milana Leshinsky

Coaches and other experts have some of the biggest passive income opportunities today! Everyone loves the idea of passive income, but most people have no idea how to create and grow it for more financial independence, more free time, and a better lifestyle. This program is going to show you how you can turn your expertise into multiple passive income streams and enjoy the steady, growing cash flow in your coaching business.

Date recorded: March 11, 2010

Past Events

Tina Forsyth

How to Cut Your To-Do List in Half with Tina Forsyth

Tina Forsyth is the author of The Entrepreneur’s Trap and creator of the Automate Your Growth™ Formula where she teaches entrepreneurs her proven step-by-step process to set a strong foundation for business growth. As an entrepreneur and recovering control-freak, Tina is passionate about sharing her experience and helping other entrepreneurs setup the right systems, team and leveraged revenue streams that allow them to stop working so darn hard and have a business that can run without them.

Date recorded: March 30, 2015

5 Secrets to Finding Your Clients with Ease with Louise Crooks

Louise Crooks, The Keys to Clarity! Coach, is a heart-centered and an inspiring business coach, radio show host, speaker, and co-author of Stepping Stones to Success, featured with Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra. Louise’s big focus is helping you to step out into the world to create visibility in your business to be seen as an expert in your field, and to fill your practice with the ‘right’ clients. 

Date recorded: March 03, 2015
Christine Gallagher

It's Time to Shake Things Up: Fresh Perspectives and Solid Strategies to Love Your Biz Again with Christine Gallagher

Christine Gallagher is a potential and inspiration catalyst and founder of, a company dedicated to teaching women around the globe how to find more meaning, fulfillment and purpose in their life through the power of entrepreneurship.

Date recorded: January 27, 2015

Getting Prospects to Return Your Call with Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™, is an author, speaker, sales trainer, and sales coach. She is recognized as one of the leading authorities on lead generation, cold calling and new business development. Her clients include Avon Products, ADP, Sprint and thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the country.

Date recorded: January 20, 2015

Stop Hearing Crickets On Your Fan Page with Michael Bloom

Caregiving Without Regret™ Expert Michael Bloom has inspired hundreds of caregivers with practical coping strategies to avoid burnout.

Michael published his first book in 2013, “The Accidental Caregiver’s Survival Guide: Your Roadmap to Caregiving Without Regret,” and quickly grew an engaged fan base of 1,000 fans on Facebook without a penny of paid advertising in less than 100 days.

Date recorded: December 16, 2014
Milana Leshinsky

Recurring Revenue Revolution with Milana Leshinsky

Milana Leshinsky had a zero chance of success. She came from a country where business didn’t exist, some of the most brilliant people lived in poverty, and the world’s best books could only be bought on the “black market.”

In just a few short years—after looking for ways to stay home with her two small children—she figured out how to create simple, money-making information products, and turned her favorite topics into a million-dollar business from home.

Date recorded: December 09, 2014
Robert Skrob

Help More People Earn More Money with Robert Skrob

Do you know about those coaches that are association insiders? 

These are coaches that are promoted by associations, in association magazines, and at their events. This webinar will reveal how you can become one of these association insiders.  

It puts you in front of a pre-qualified starving crowd that’s ready for your products and services. It removes that sleazy salesperson stigma and positions you as a respected insider within your clients’ industry. 

Date recorded: November 11, 2014

Branding for the People with Re Perez

Re is a visionary, brand consultant, speaker, and founder of BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, a leading branding agency for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Re helps his clients create game-changing brands, enabling them to increase revenue, make a bigger impact, and create a legacy.

Date recorded: October 28, 2014
Shawn Driscoll

Discover Your Personalized High Profit Business Model with Shawn Driscoll

Tired of spinning your wheels and second guessing what to do to grow your business?

Discover the most profitable business model type—for you—and how to naturally grow your business income and impact.

No wheel spinning required!

You’ll learn what to stop doing and where to focus instead to make the impact you truly want, while earning the income you need to thrive.

Date recorded: October 21, 2014
Steve Gilliland

29 Ways to WOW: Marketing Yourself to Become a Six Figure Speaker with Steve Gilliland

Steve built a multimillion-dollar company from the ground up on the same philosophy he expounds to his audiences. 

If you continually learn more about your company, your industry, your customer and yourself, you will always be a leader.

You will be purpose-driven rather than process-driven, and you will make a difference.

His motto is straightforward: “If you take care of people, the business will follow.” He has been recognized by Who’s Who for Speakers and Business Professionals, and The Pittsburgh Business Times named his company one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the region.

Date recorded: October 08, 2014

Get UNstuck From The Trickiest Rut with Remy Chausse

Remy discovered one simple technique to get UNstuck. It worked amazingly, stunningly, and beautifully well, so she began to teach women like herself – extraordinary women with big dreams who were ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo – how to get UNstuck in an instant so they could just get on with it, and create explosive business growth doing that thing they love!

Date recorded: September 23, 2014
Nancy Juetten

3 Press Release Potholes for Emerging Experts to Sidestep to Get Known and Paid, Starting Right Now with Nancy Juetten

Here are a few things you will learn from this call:

  • Learn the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid if you want your storytelling efforts to pay off.
  • If you’ve been taking the “spray and pray” approach to sending your news to the media, this session shows you a better way to create press releases that deliver the “ink and air” you seek so you can get known and paid for your winning ways.
  • Discover the nuts and bolts to building a press release that earns the “ink and the air” and leads readers to that all-important opt-in page.
Date recorded: September 09, 2014

The “Secret Weapon” of Your Compelling Story – 4 Keys So You Attract More Ideal Clients with John Rasiej

Join John Rasiej of Speak Louder Than Words on this webinar and discover:

  • Why your story absolutely has to be a compelling one

  • How to expand and clarify your work into a deeper, more meaningful realm

  • Where to explore for a compelling story that is waiting to be revealed

Date recorded: August 26, 2014

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