A Message from DIRECTPAY Regarding the Coronavirus

As of Monday, March 16th, the DIRECTPAY Team will be working from home to lower the probability of spreading COVID-19, facilitate social distancing in our community and relieve the burden on public resources. We will still be available from our normal business hours of 9am-6pm EDT and there will be no interruption of support for your account.


Our hope is to model best practices for business owners to operate responsibly during this challenging time. We encourage you to give your team the safest working environment and the tools they need to stay up and running while also keeping themselves and their loved ones in good health.


At DIRECTPAY, we serve a diverse set of small businesses with very different operational needs in a variety of geographies. While we can’t give universal advice and understand that each circumstance is individual, we can encourage you to take the following actions:


Work Remotely – Take the steps immediately to implement your work-from-home capabilities. If you must remain open, clean and disinfect work areas and limit interaction.


Avoid Large Gatherings – Try not to attend heavily populated events and limit in-person meetings to what is absolutely necessary.


Cease All Non-Essential Business and Personal Travel – Airplanes, trains and other public transportation should be avoided, as well as visiting countries where COVID-19 has a significant presence.


We know that our clients are strong and resilient  - and set an example everyday by operating heart-centered businesses with the global good in mind. Please continue to use that good judgement to ensure the health and safety of your community. We wish you and your family well as we get through this together.


If you have any questions or would like to connect with a DIRECTPAY team member directly, please call us at (800) 326-9897 or email support@directpayinc.com. We are happy to offer advice and resources to support you in working remotely should you need support.


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