To be approved to accept credit cards with DirectPay, Canadian professionals must meet the following requirements:

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Supply proof of domain name ownership or lease. Include with your application a screen print of your domain name registration, which you can obtain at


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Your business trade name must match your web site name. Include a screenshot of the home page.

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Include a screen print of a sample product page, so we can confirm sufficient description of goods is provided (e.g. voltage requirements, measurement scale, clothing size, or purchase restrictions).

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Your payment processing page must have a valid 128 bit web server SSL digital certificate installed. Include a screenshot of the certificate details. If you use the DirectPay Shopping Cart, we will supply this for you.


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Your web site must display the following items:

  • Transaction currency (CDN and/or USD)

  • Delivery/shipping policies (e.g. if restricted to Canada or another region, delivery timeframe and cost)

  • Return/refund policies. You must have a refund policy
  • Customer service contact information (e.g. email address, phone number including country code and mailing address)

  • Security policy

  • Privacy policy

  • The country in which your business is officially registered and located must be displayed immediately prior to completion of a purchase transaction.


If you need assistance, contact a Relationship Manager at (800) 326-9897 or email


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